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“Saturday in the Park. . .

Posted on: July 4, 2010

…it must have been the fourth of July”. Great song – 4th is tomorrow.

In my jammies an hour ago and had a call from police that the alarm was going off at my place of employment.  The door was not locked and the officers found my cell number on the desk. I needed to get some Tums anyway, so this forced me to hop into clothes and car and head into town. I was prepared with town ID card in my hand and braced myself for the never pleasant question, “What is your date of birth?” Every year, every time I say it, it sounds so far back in the past. Did they even have televisions back then? I don’t think so. Okay. I am leaving that thought right there.

I need the Tums because my tummy hurts. I am getting so excited about my trip that my tummy hurts. I have so much to do at work before I leave that my tummy hurts.

Life is good, but my tummy hurts. Thank you Tums – I think it is starting to ease up.


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