IntrepidWoman's Journey

Freezing the Anticipation…

Posted on: July 7, 2010

Twenty five hours from now I will be heading to the airport with family for our flight to Paris. At this moment, I want to freeze time. There is joy in anticipation. At this exact moment, there is a sense of wonder as to what will be and how will it change me. I like this frozen moment of sweet anticipation. I am trying to disconnect mentally from work and just be.

For a few moments, I am just me, with a long past that just stops right here, now. I do not want to anticipate or wish for or plan or envision right at this moment. I just want to be me, sitting here with my history and my battered heart full of love and loss, and the ‘lumpies’ in my thyroid . . . just breathing in and out. All is good.

Okay. That is done! Time to finish the coffee and get those jobs crossed off my list and clean the apartment and get an oil change before I go and. . . .

Just one more moment.  Ahhh.  Life is good.


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