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Paris Never Sleeps . . .

Posted on: July 13, 2010

It is after 4 a.m. as I sit by the window in the living room. I can hear animated conversations in the streets below and the traffic is busy as always. We have the windows open in all the rooms, three in the living room which has the round wall facing the corner of the block. There are no bugs at all! Rick Steeves’ site about travelling to Paris said to bring mosquito spray. Maybe there is a season for them, but it is not in the heat of the summer. We started the day with rain, which was a nice interlude after the intense temperatures.

Wee Jack slept nearly 13 hours last night! This is a lot of walking and a lot of waiting and a LOT of sunshine and heat for such a little guy, but he forges on! Nana is very pooped by the end of each day and Jack is ready for a little Backyardigans on the iPad once we return to our flat after our adventures.

Today was the first day we ate in a restaurant since our arrival. We have been feasting on baguettes, croissants, cheeses, meats, olives, fresh fruit, salads, eggs and vegetables prepared in our little kitchen. The little shops are a delight and we are eating very healthy. Our only decadence was the first day with fruit tarts.

We now have a dilemma. The Louvre is closed on Tuesdays so Lyndsey and I are going to the Musee d’Orsay today. Jack and David are going to Euro Disneyland. Both are easily accessible by metro. The dilemma – Wednesday is Fete Nationale (National Holiday) or Bastille Day, the French national holiday celebrated every July 14th, and we want to experience the parade, etc.   The Louvre is free admission this Wednesday, but can we handle the huge line ups with wee Jack in tow? We also want to take a boat and/or double-decker bus tour around the city. We leave Thursday morning for the south of France by train at 7 a.m.  Is it unheard of to go to Paris and NOT go to the Louvre? What to do? Yikes!

Stay tuned to find out what we decided . . .


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