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Time marches on . . .

Posted on: August 10, 2010

Time marches on, with or without my approval. Ten days have gone by since my return from Agde and it seems more like a month. The good news, to me, is that I am a different person since returning and that has not gone away. The travel experience did change me and in my humble opinion, for the better.

Strangely, I feel less materialistic now. “Things” do not seem so important. I want to simplify even more than I did when I moved here last year. I feel surrounded by clutter and it uses up oxygen. I need a simpler, brighter space that includes an area to create.

It is hard to give notice to my landlords though. It will be difficult for them to find a new renter with the place currently for sale. They are a nice young couple and it is quiet out here on the ranch, but being in a basement without a lot of direct light is not working for me anymore. I liked it originally when I wanted/needed a safe haven to come home to, but now I want sunshine and large windows and fresh air.

My main dilemma is that nothing is happening with my church in the Pass. Real estate has come to a standstill there. I am looking at another winter of owning the building there and renting here.  I guess I will have to make it my winter project to paint some rooms there and work on the basement to improve the building.  It would be more preferable to get it sold and find a light, bright place to live in here, but I have no control over the when of this.

Ah, but there is a reason for everything and there is right timing for all things. One of my best lessons in life has been one of patience because it is all in the timing. The right people will come along to buy my building when my next place becomes available, and moving will be another tiring but exciting adventure. In the meantime, I will enjoy my trips to the Pass, my little getaway where I can soak up the sun, summer and winter, play my music at rock concert level and enjoy the always fresh mountain air. My art supplies are organized in a large tackle box to go back and forth when I have my days off to go there to play.

I received a ‘proof’ of the Okotoks fall community guide today and found several classes to sign up for, including learning French!

I also have an idea for a book using my door photos and I want to start creating some Christmas gifts. Life is good and my creative side is ready to play on a regular basis. I did not check work emails after hours even once during the last ten days and that felt so good! I work hard when at work, but work on not thinking about my job once I am on “Jan time” after 5. Each day it gets easier to do this.

In a few hours it will be my birthday, again.  They seem to be getting closer together! This year I am marking the day with an appointment at the Foothills Hospital in the morning to deal with the lumpies in my thyroid. I have requested hotdogs on the grill for supper at Carmen and Jim’s, and Michael is picking out a cake for me. Last year it was cupcakes shaped like a very green dinosaur and it was delightful. He was so excited to show it to me, so I cannot wait to share his and Laura’s enthusiasm when I arrive tomorrow evening.

I need to think of something to do in the afternoon – maybe the zoo or Heritage Park or . . .

I will give it some thought tomorrow when I get up. I had better get to bed now as I am going to be a whole year older in 15 minutes, which means I definitely need my beauty sleep tonight. In my dreams . . .


5 Responses to "Time marches on . . ."

Hey Jan
Great post. Love your views on life. I would say you are a wise woman indeed. There is a lot to be said for living an uncluttered and simple life. And….I remember when you heard about this great opportunity in Okotoks, and everything just fell into place. It will again, when the time is right, just as it always does. Till then, keep on keepin on, enjoying every moment for just what it is and know I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow. Good luck with your appointment at Foothills, have an excellent and happy birthday with your family……and enjoy your cake!! And remember, age is just a state of mind – I suspect you’ll never grow old. My minds way back right now – remembering all those birthday parties we had when we were kids. Great memories all. Hugs little buddy – Priscilla

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jan. Very interesting. The changes in you that your trip precipitated remind me a little of the book Eat, Pray, Love. Have you read it?

I have not, but did just hear about it as the movie with Julie Roberts is coming out. I am going to read it very soon. This trip for me was a great cathartic adventure that has changed my life. The last year since I left the Crowsnest Pass was the beginning of the journey. I had lived there in a caccoon for 31 years, not aware of the real world and had not dealt with a lot of hurts from my past life in Calgary. A lot has happened since I moved in March 2009 and the trip to France was the most important and a necessary part of the whole change for me. I will comment on the book once I read it.

Just thought I would check your posts to see how your special day went Jan. Glad I did – sounds like it was absolutely perfect! And to, you’ve been on my mind today. Maybe because I was thinking of you, and old friends in general, I was very fortunate indeed to get a call tonight from another old friend from my Vancouver days that I haven’t seen in close to 20 years. She was passing through, we met for dinner and many good laughs and several hugs later, I sent her on her way up to Kitiamat. How great was that eh? And so, as you were still on my mind, I thought I would just wish you a good night. Mind you, you’re probably already fast asleep as your day was a pretty hectic and fun filled day for any 8 year old!! It’s only 11:50 here and being the nightowl I am………..!! Talk soon.

Thank you Priscilla! That sounds lovely! I just had a similar experience with an old friend from my early days in the Crowsnest Pass. We met recently and spent 8 hours talking! It was the longest lunch I have ever had and we were not finished when we were finished! Isn’t life good? Wish we could get together one of these days . . . hugs, J

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