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Best Birthdays….

Posted on: August 11, 2010

Today I turned 8. When you pass fifty, you get to add the two numbers together. Eight has a nice sound, especially since my actual birth year was before the invention of colored televisions.

Best birthdays. Hmmm. How do you rate them? Most gifts? Best party? Longest celebration? Maybe. But really, which ones leave you with the warm fuzzies and stories to tell of love and laughter?

Today I turned 8. Michael, age 4 and Laura age 2, picked out a princess cake for me and it was chocolate with chocolate icing. They sang to me and Laura blew out the candles before the song was over. We all laughed. Michael blew out the candles on the second lighting.

The day started with my youngest son Dean phoning from Hong Kong and talking for over half an hour. He had to stay up very late (time change) to make this call.  Then son David called to wish me a great day. I had an appointment to see a specialist about my thyroid condition so had to take the day off work. (It is nice to not work on your 8th birthday.) After a two-hour appointment, I met son Jim for sushi. Later we picked up the kids from day care and Laura came running to greet me with a hug and a birthday card she had made for me. It had a photo of her on the front from when she fell asleep in the high chair at Eva’s house. Eva, her caregiver, is a lovely lady who thought this would be a nice thing to do today for Nana. For supper we had hot dogs on the grill, chocolate birthday cake and strawberries, white wine and Nana got gift cards from Itunes. Woo hoo!

Little ones excited about my birthday, sushi and a grilled hot dog, a princess on a chocolate cake – what more could an eight year old want on her birthday?  Lots and lots of birthday greetings from friends on Facebook. Perfect.

Absolutely the most perfect birthday, thank you.

Intrepid woman is not a princess and wears crocs instead of glass slippers (according to Michael) but feels like a princess today. Proof that you do not have to kiss a frog to become a princess.


1 Response to "Best Birthdays…."

Hi Jan;
How are you? I loved reading some of your blog. It sounds like you are having the time of your life! Way to go! And congratulations on your 8th birthday. I think i will have to steal your idea if yo don’t mind. Thank you very much. I think i will be 9 now. Smile! And yes, Paris! What can one say. I was there a couple of years ago and fell in love with the place. I want to go back so bad. I loved the atmosphere, the people, the frantic energy all over the place, the color, the dash, the nicely dressed, the casual chic, the street cafe’s and the museums too of course. My favorite was Mont Martre. Not sure if i spelled that right but i spent a delightful afternoon watching all the street artists. Then i went to Arles where Van Gogh lived and stood by the Starry Night Cafe’ which has a yellow awning. I was in awe. Must go back.
Hope all is well there with you and you will be able to your art as you plan. Just have to carve out that time for yourself and turn off the phone. I do that sometimes. I disappear into my paints. No one can find me..
Have a great evening there Jan. Hope to see you again someday.

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