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Meeting of the Minds . . .

Posted on: August 14, 2010

When I put my door photos up on FB, I called the album “Doors – Without Jim Morrison.” Well, today I met an artist who went to Paris and took photos in cemeteries, including where Jim Morrison is buried. So, what I am saying, is that the “Doors” met “Jim Morrison” today!  The conversation began about France and progressed to the cemeteries and doors and ended with a promise to meet again, same time, same place in year 2012! Ha! Ha!

He is an interesting photographer who hopefully will have an exhibition of his work at our gallery in the fall of 2012. He uses ‘real’ as opposed to digital cameras and develops his own B/W photos. We will do some related programming during his exhibition for the die-hard photographers out there!

Personally, I will never leave digital cameras. I took over 2200 photos in France with my wondrous little Sony digital that was tucked in my purse and taken everywhere, everyday. I remember taking photos years ago and being so disappointed when the photos were developed after having to wait for the drug store to do the deed, and to find that not many turned out well. The cost, the time, the disappointment – nah, I am a digital diva now! I love being able to download them to my Mac and crop, enhance, etc. so that they end up being good pictures. Nice.

Oprah is interviewing Julia Roberts on the telly as I pound the keys. “Eat, Pray, Love”. I want to see the movie and read the book. I think it will be easy to identify with it.

Isn’t life wonderful? To me, it is like a bicycle ride. Over time, we travel through valleys, up and down hills, and all the way to mountain tops. The ride is not easy, but all the hard work and all the dark valleys make the mountain tops so incredible.

Hmm. That reminds me. I need an oil change.    :>)


2 Responses to "Meeting of the Minds . . ."

i have read “eat, pray, love”…it came into my life at a very low, very dark time….i can honestly say that it changed my life….it is now my go-to book when i am struggling….

when the movie trailer came out i was skeptical….i am always disappointed in books made into movies…loved the book “slum dog millionaire” which i read first and was sorely disappointed with the movie.

i don’t often look to julia roberts for top notch depth in acting, so i really wasn’t digging the idea…having read the book i see a much more regular (but still attractive) woman as the lead…someone like felicity huffman or kristin scott thomas…so i am not sure i am liking the looks of this….

then i realize that the hottest man in the world, mr. javier bardem plays her lover in bali…and suddenly who needs credible acting or more modestly attractive cast members?!! screw that..

i am a walking, talking double standard….so i will be off to the movies to see javier and julia look pretty together…..


Lisa – you are a wondrous woman – complex, passionate about life and art and expressive in so many ways, including words. When I met you as my student in high school so many years ago, you stood out in the crowd and you continue to do so today! I applaud you for that! Keep on living to the max and keep on sharing with others! You touch those who know you in so many special ways! Thank you for that!

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