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Old People are a worry . . .

Posted on: August 22, 2010

My friend’s mom is in her 80s and has isolated herself from her family and 99 percent of her friends. She is a feisty little lady who thinks the world has done her wrong and everyone she knows is out to take advantage of her ‘good nature’.  The problem is, she is getting forgetful and mixes up facts more each day. My friend is in a dilemma because, what can she do? I have no idea. Her mom refuses to move to a seniors’ lodge and lives alone in her house. Some days she does not answer the phone and some weeks she does not speak to another living soul except her television.  Sometimes she does not even answer her door.

I wonder how many seniors end up like that? I also wonder what can be done about it? Is there a point where a relative can step in and ‘help’ the person by moving them to a safer living situation without their cooperation? I remember an elderly lady a few years ago in Blairmore who passed away and no one found her for a few days. That is so sad. I hope I never withdraw from my family and friends like that. I expect I will be the other way – a total burden on everyone and a royal pain in the ass. I would expect the same from any of them in return. Ha! Ha!

Happier thoughts – Tonight I am in my church in Bellevue where I live alone on days off and cannot bother a soul by turning Hall and Oats up to concert level. Oh Yeah! Windows are open to enjoy the mountain air and I don’t have neighbors on either side to complain about my taste in music – as if they should! Hall and Oates are the BEST! I love walking to all their best tunes. I really have to hoof it to keep up to their beat. “Private eyes are watching you….”

So, it is just me, my blow-up bed, Hall and Oates and Mac. No alarm clock and the blinds are down to keep out the early morning light; I am wearing pink fuzzy socks so I don’t wake up cold during the night, and I suddenly feel like dancing. Oops! I was gearing down for bedtime and the combination of pink and fuzzy and Hall and Oates has just inspired me to dance a little and sing a lot.

There is no doubt that I am turning into a crazy old lady. I wonder if my kids have started talking to each other about moving me into a seniors’ building for my own safety?

One of my favorite poems has always been the one about getting old and wearing purple with a red hat…. Well, today I wore purple with bright green and added a scarf of multi colors. I still know my name and can sing about 500 songs, word for word, so I think I still have a few good years left!


1 Response to "Old People are a worry . . ."

You’ve got me chuckling again! And what’s with this crazy old lady bit – I love pink socks, the fuzzier the better, I love Hall and Oats….and I LOVE dancing in the dark!!! Oops, that’s Lionel Ritchie – oh well, I love him too and dancing period, in the dark or in the daylight, while I’m cleaning – whatever. And sometimes, I can even get Jim to join in if he’s here – hysterical? Absolutley!! Way to go Jan! As for your friend and her mom – my heart goes out to your friend. What a worry. A suggestion perhaps – we had the same problem with mom in that she was at risk but refused to go to see anyone, let anyone in to help or even acknowledge there was a problem. We eventually managed to get an appointment with a gerontologist (spelling?) and he convinced her to let him do some tests by promising to get us all off her backs if there was nothing for us to worry about. Of course there was, but she amazingly listened to him and agreed to tryout one of the residences he recommended. She didn’t like it but she agreed. Tell her I feel for her and good luck.

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