IntrepidWoman's Journey

Dumb and Dumber . . .

Posted on: August 25, 2010

Why is it that when we know what we know, we still do dumb things, as if we did not know?

If I have been there before and did not like it, why would I go back there again?

Sometimes I say it and mean it and wish it but obviously did not mean it!

Even when it is really important, with life depending on it, why can I not do it for the sake of others if I cannot do it for my own sake…

It is tiring learning the same lesson over and over again. That means I am not learning the lesson. . .

Free will has a lot of flaws when you are only human.

Contemplating life just hurts my head sometimes!

Time marches on, but some days we only limp along.

Tomorrow is another day and for that I say, “Hurray!”


“Wednesday is the middle, I’m glad it’s not the end.
I want it to be Thursday, ’cause Wednesday’s not my friend.
This week is much too busy, I want to push time back,
But then I’d have to face it over and that would truly suck!
It’s not over ’til it’s over . . . sang the fat lady with glee;
When it’s over I’ll be happy because it sucks to be me!
Only today of course, I don’t mean that all the time,
But today I’d give it all away, just offer me a dime!”

(Written before my appointment at the Women’s Imaging Centre in Calgary where I had 10 needles in my neck – 4 for freezing and 6 for biopsies on growths in my thyroid. Intrepid Woman is glad THIS day is over!)


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