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Facebook Etiquette

Posted on: September 3, 2010

What is it? I googled Facebook Etiquette and did not find much, after I was told by a friend that I had breached it. I think they felt uncomfortable about my personal sharing on this blog, but isn’t that an individual preference? What I share is up to me. It did not affect another person; it was about me.

After reading what was out there about etiquette however, I chose to trim my friend list a lot and to change my focus on Facebook. I probably should trim my friends right down to a handful if I am going to be upfront and personal, but I will leave it up to the rest to dump me or keep me as they see fit. My feelings wont be hurt if I am dumped. I am a big girl! (Actually, according to 4-year-old Michael, I am a princess who wears Crocs.)

Seems to me the rule is, there are no rules. As long as you do not put up embarrassing photos of others, tag people who don’t want to be tagged, change your relationship status without consulting the other person, fight with others openly out in FB land, say anything hateful or derogatory about others, what else is there in the way of rules?

Two people I know say that FB is “evil” and say they want no part of it, yet they seem to know what I write on it. Interesting and humorous. If you don’t like it then get off it. I have freedom of speech and I use it, as those who read this have noticed, ha! ha!

I especially like my friends on FB who have this same philosophy. They vent with passion and pleasure and we all comment on each other’s rants. It is especially nice in the middle of the night, like right now, when I have insomnia so badly.

Part of hyperthyroidism is this insomnia and I cannot do anything about it. I also cannot do anything about the right-eye twitch that has recently developed from this condition and is very irritating and embarrassing in the middle of a staff meeting. I have to sit there with my finger pressed into the corner of my eye to stop the twitching. Then I have to switch fingers. Nice.

I wait with eager anticipation for a surgery date to cut out this little organ that is covered with ‘C’ lumpies and causing distress in my life. I read up on thyroid cancer and thyroid surgery tonight to get out of the fear zone and into the knowledge zone.

Years ago when I was diagnosed with lupus and very little was known about it, I went to the Calgary Lupus organization and the Foothills Hospital medical library and photocopied everything they had available as well as purchased books written by doctors on the topic. (One interesting one was called “The Sun is My Enemy”, written by a doctor who was diagnosed with lupus.)

Within weeks I had a large binder full of info, divided into categories of how lupus affects different organs in the body. The health unit in my home town actually asked to borrow my binder at one point and photocopied (again) all the info I had so as to help others who were being diagnosed.

With knowledge comes power and hands-on involvement in treatment. I need the expertise of doctors but want to be involved in my treatment. Nothing worse than blindly trusting a physician and worrying about what he/she is doing or deciding to do. The only doctor I blindly trust is my GP in Bellevue because I went to high school with him! Yet I have been known to argue with him too. I do bow to his expertise most of the time.

I have to shower, go to work and function like a normal human being in a few hours, even though I am sleep-deprived. Sheesh! I will just point towards the end of the day when I drive into the city to see all three of my gorgeous grandkids together for a few hours. Because they live in different cities, it does not happen that often and when it does, it gives me the highest of pleasure. I truly love to see them all together.

I am reading “Eat, Pray, Love” at the moment and not liking it much. In my opinion, which means very little, the author is totally self-centred and so wrapped up in self-gratification that she seems to care little about others. Of course I am still in the early stages of the story, so should not form such a strong opinion so soon . . . I guess if I end up disliking the book by the end, I will go to the movie and live the story of finding the perfect life through Julia Roberts and her hunky Italian.

Oh if life was like the movies! Here I am, on Facebook, all wrapped up in myself, but with no Italian hunk waiting in the wings. What I do have is fascinating, funny and feisty friends, an awesome, supportive family and a job that is Fun!  Okay. I win!


1 Response to "Facebook Etiquette"

Happy Sunday Jan – I just read your latest blog and I say “you go girl”!!! I’ve reread all your blogs and at times I have checked in on your facebook posts as well. Even though I’m not a “poster” per se myself, I can see the lure and the benefit for others. And, for the life of me, I can’t quite see how you could possibly have breached the “rules of etiquette” anywhere. Actually, I hadn’t even thought about there being rules. I guess I was under the assumption that people use common sense when posting anything anywhere. Your posts my friend read like a book to me. I have loved each and everyone of them.
Big, blogging hugs are coming your way right now.

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