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Things That Wake Me Up in the Night….

Posted on: September 10, 2010

First on the list, of course, is hyperthyroidism. After only 3 hours of sleep, my eyes pop open and I am wide awake. Most of the time staying in bed when this happens does nothing more than frustrate me, so I get up and find something to do. Then I finally get tired about an hour or so before I am supposed to get up. I sleep for that short time and wake up exhausted. This can go on for days until I finally sleep through the night out of total exhaustion.

Living in a basement with the people upstairs arriving home about an hour after I have gone to bed has been known to wake me up with the sudden sounds of clomping over my head. This is a rare occurrence, but annoying when it does happen, especially if I cannot get back to sleep afterwards.

A cat meowing outside my window, a sudden storm in the middle of the night, cold feet or cold everything – these things have woken me up in the night.

But lately there is something that wakes me up, makes me smile, and then I go back to sleep. Fleece sheets. Yes, fleece. I am not talking flannel here. They are exquisitely soft and fuzzy and oh, so warm. There is a bottom sheet and a top sheet in the set that are fleece, but the pillowcases are cotton. Oh, if only they were fleece too!  I found these wonders of the modern world at my beloved Costco that recently opened in Okotoks.

The other night I had a lot to do, so I tripped over to Costco instead and followed a cart around the store, up and down every isle, and there they were. I hesitantly touched the little sample patch on the outside of the heavy plastic case they were in and wandered off to other things, eventually returning to pet the sample again. Hmmm, memories of sheepskin slippers and a hat and a fleece throw, memories of extreme warmth caused me to throw caution to the cold wind and toss these in my cart with a few other purchases.

No more going to bed in a house coat or wearing pink fuzzy socks. And to make this even more gratifying, these sheets are ‘Made in Canada’. I find myself waking up, mumbling “fleece, nice”, grinning and going back to sleep!

I take my hat off to you Costco! I can now because I have fleece sheets…

p.s. I also bought stainless steel mugs that seal completely. You lightly press an area on one side to open a place to drink on the other. Your beverage stays hot for up to 4 hours, just like the label says! Ah Costco! I love you almost as much as I love the Crocs company. After my first Crocs purchase (yes, I know they are ugly), I wrote a mini novel to the company expressing my undying love. But I transgress here. This is all about Costco and Fleece Sheets and Made in Canada and getting some sleep, finally.


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