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“Nana, I think your boat is sinkin…”

Posted on: September 14, 2010

“Nana, I think your boat is sinkin . . .” says Jack, standing in his hard hat, wearing fluorescent-yellow water goggles, with socks on his hands and holding a toy drill. This is right after he tells me that my feet are in the water and then I put my feet up in the air to hear that my boat hasn’t got a hope! (I thought hope floats!)

He is in the process of fixing things with his tools – the cat’s tower, the couch, the fireplace. . .  He hands me a bright orange plastic hard hat and tells me it will protect me from all the smoke. Then he adds black, heavy-rimmed glasses to my attire. Did I mention he has bare feet and is home with bronchitis?

Suddenly he verbalizes that mom and dad are not here and it is “just us.” “Just us,” he repeats, then his eyes light up and he smiles. That sweet face melts my heart and heals all that ails me.

We have read books, watched a movie that made him very sad and wanting a hug from dad, bounced a ball around the room and off the walls (oops) and over the ledge to the downstairs. He played his guitar while I danced. Now he is wowing me with his shooting skills. (We all have Nerf guns, all us kids.)

Jack is four. His throat hurts and he coughs periodically and eats his popsicle too fast. Then he cries from the brain freeze and the frozen lump in his chest. A few minutes later, he sings as he cleans up all his toys in anticipation of his mom coming home. “Where can that fire be? Where can that fire be?” he sings.

When mom arrives, Jack announces, “I’ve been working on the cat house!”


2 Responses to "“Nana, I think your boat is sinkin…”"

Days like those are the best. They are the days as a stay at home mom that very little got done in the house, and if someone said,”what did you do all day?” I could never really say. Yet the day was full and busy. I think those are the days that you remember the most. To Jack it was a special day now, but to Grandma its one of those days when you think of Jack at anytime in the future, a quick picture of him all dressed in his fix it gear, and singing will just pop into your head, and make you smile. These, I think, are the best and most precious memories.

Awww Jan – what a wonderful day you had. Oh the chance, and the ability, just to play!!! How many have lost that ability all together. I LOVE little Jack and I don’t even know the little fellow. You are making memories for him that he will never, ever forget and he will entertain his children over and over again in the years to come with all the stories you’ve created for him in his childhood. I’m so glad that you have eternalized your days, good and bad, forever in writing. I still think a book……………….???

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