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Posted on: September 27, 2010

Why is the sky blue?

Why would you EVER want to keep your enemies closer than your friends?

How did Dr. Oz get so smart?

If I want what I want because I want it, why can’t I have it?

If I was born to be rich, why do I not have any money?

What happened to the dirt that used to be inside potholes? Why did it leave and where did it go?

If you don’t need one in the first place, why do you buy two for the price of one?

Where is the logic in slapping a child because they hit someone?

If everyone fails the ‘new math’ why do they not just put back the old one?

Why is it that when I watch a series for only the second time, it is the same episode I saw months ago for the first time?

Why do I know all the words for a zillion songs but can’t remember a phone number?

Why are all the good guys already married? Where was I when they were single?

Is there such a thing as a family that does not have black sheep or a quirky shepherd?

How come second place on Idol ends up becoming a success and number one fizzles out? What does that say about the voters?

If every religion says they are the only right one, doesn’t that make God kind of small?

How can people possibly believe the plots on soap operas?

Just because animals don’t talk, why do humans presume they are dumb?

Where did the F word come from?

Okay – I have worked too many days in a row and need some down time. OMGosh – Jenny McCarthy has broken up with Jim Carey! (I realize as I type and look up at the telly.) How am I going to enjoy my three days off after hearing that? This happened last April? How did I not know about this? (No. It is not a pimple. It is my tongue in my cheek.)

Jeez. Do people really care about celebrity make ups and break ups?

AND my final question: How could I have been so wrong about Michael Buble??

~ Intrepid Woman signing off for 3 days (looking for answers in all the wrong places…..)


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