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Whew, it’s over . . .

Posted on: January 10, 2011

With a lot of time on my hands, having 2 weeks off work over Christmas, I have become an observer of life around me, outside my quiet existence in a cozy basement apartment at Rising Storm Ranch.

I have also knit several scarves, observed many people’s Christmas opulence on FB and watched “Flipping Out” and “Corner Gas” marathons on satellite TV.

The year wound down the same way it had progressed from the beginning with my plans meaning nothing as curve balls sailed up the left side and passed the right side of my head. I never did learn to duck, not once during the entire year and the surprises just kept coming.

I am happy to close the door on 2010, even to give an extra push and slam it as hard as I can. It was a year of stress and struggle with self-esteem, health, relationships and too many changes in a short time. It was also a year that included three glorious weeks in France with Lyndz, David and Jack-a-Boy (his name for himself), a successful surgery to remove a ‘bad’ thyroid and having family being very supportive through all the health issues.

Goals for a new year:

– plan less and live more

– work less and play more

– FB less and read more

Here’s to a new year, an open door and the willingness to just jump into the unknown. And take naps when needed.


1 Response to "Whew, it’s over . . ."

Jan, you are too funny, I clicked on the link in your email, found this had a quick skim and have to head to work. Will try to read more later. I agree with you about less time on comp/for me watching TV and reading more.

Have a great day

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