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Socks for Supper

Posted on: April 18, 2011

Children’s books are a delight. I especially enjoy the older ones from one and two generations ago.

I was reading a craft blog on-line this morning that started with tips on dyeing ugly colored wool with Easter egg dyes, then progressed to wearing each others’ socks in a family, to losing one sock in the washer and holding neighborhood sock exchanges to . . .

It brought to mind a book that Jack and I picked up at the local library during his last visit. I believe it was called “Socks for Dinner.” It tells the delightful story of a farm couple who are tired of eating only turnips for dinner. She decides to knit socks and take them to the neighbors down the road to see if they will trade for milk and cheese. Being poor and having no wool, she has unravelled the hem of her husband’s sweater to make the socks. The neighbor gladly trades and a feast is enjoyed. When the desire comes their way again, she unravels more of hubby’s sweater and knits another pair of socks so they can enjoy more milk and cheese. This continues until the sweater is almost gone. Finally, she has enough wool left to knit one sock, but is not sure if the neighbor will trade for only one. Surprisingly, she does.

“I need just that amount of wool to finish the sweater I am knitting for my husband!” the neighbor exclaims.

The giggle is at this point in the story, and you expect it to be the end, but not so. The sweater does not fit her husband so she pops over to the first farm and gives the sweater to the first husband. (He has been walking around in the illustrations in a continually shrinking sweater.)

Best part of that day with Jack – we read the rules of the library out loud, by the children’s section. He quietly and carefully picked out his books and as we exited the building, he stopped, turned and asked, “So, how did I do?”  He is 4 and a half. Maybe I will teach him to knit on our next visit.


January 31, 2012 – I have edited this blog by correcting the title from ‘Socks for Dinner.’ I found the original book, titled “Socks for Supper” by Jack Kent and googled it for availability. Because it is out of print, people are selling it for $60 thru Amazon. I may have a gold mine in out of print children’s books!


3 Responses to "Socks for Supper"

I loved this book,and trying to find it. Any one know where to buy it.Checked luck.. It’s a childhood fav of mine.

I had the book title wrong Arlene. It is actually “Socks for Supper” and is written by Jack Kent, published by Parents Magazine Press New York.
Hope you can find a copy!

Try ebay. That is where we found our copy.

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