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Sisters of the Heart….

Posted on: September 11, 2011

Priscilla is my sister of the heart. We met in elementary school and became fast friends. Both of us were shy and self-conscious but never thought of each other that way. Many years later when this mutual confession was made, it surprised us both. At the time, we did not question why we liked each other and why we chose to spend our time together.

I think it is because we are twins. Regardless of what was going on with school and our families, when we were together, we were one. We did a significant amount of giggling and we both had a huge passion for horses. We were horses on the lawn, running and snorting together and pawing the ground with our hooves. We rode our bikes over by Glenmore to watch the horses on the farms, (it was the outskirts of Calgary back then), and spent countless hours doing I can’t remember what.

Because we ended up at different high schools, we eventually drifted apart. Our friendship became more casual and we both included many others in our lives.

As adults, our lives headed off in totally different directions, and when we connected years later, I doubted that we could be good friends. What did we have in common? What could we talk about? What commonalities could we share? I honestly thought our time had passed.

I had married young and had children in my twenties, then divorced and clawed my way through the years trying to find jobs, going back to university and forsaking a social life for survival mode for a family of four. Priscilla had married young but divorced and led a totally different single life of a career woman, marrying again much later and never raising children.

All I could think about and talk about when we reconnected was my grandchildren. She was retired and married and I still worked full-time and was forever single. Polar opposites.

And yet, when we meet occasionally, three years ago and then this last weekend, we look at each other and we giggle. Two sixty-something women start to giggle and then hug for so long because neither of us wants to let go.

The other day was a surprise visit that included non-stop catching-up conversation for over 3 hours, and oh, so much laughing. She and her dear husband Jim (bless his soul for his patience with the two of us) had to be back in Calgary by 5 and probably ended up being late. We just did not want to part.

As we told our stories, we realized again how much we are alike. I kept saying ‘just like me’.

I was never one for juggling a herd of friends and always enjoyed my solitude. Socializing was something I had to force myself to do. The few really good friends in my life can be counted on fingers without going to my toes and maybe even using only one hand. Some have now passed away as I have reached ‘that age’.

But Priscilla is the sister of my heart, closer than a blood sibling and a mirror image of me. I don’t mean on the outside. We are twin sisters in our hearts and our souls and it goes deep in both of us. And as luck would have it, she showed up on my doorstep during one of the toughest times in my life and she made me laugh again.  Not the superficial ‘ha, ha’ stuff but the joyous from the inside of my being, head-back and hearty laughter that leaves you feeling cleansed and light-hearted.

Priscilla is a joy and a jewel in my life. I hope we can have more visits like that one. I warned Jim that when I retire, I am coming by in a little RV to pick up his wife and off we will go. I could not promise when I would return her. I guess it will be when we are finished giggling together.

She laughed and he looked worried. (He didn’t really, but I needed a way to end this story.)


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