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The importance of a savings account…

Posted on: April 29, 2012

I have been fanatically saving every penny I could for several months now. Every pay-day, what ever was left in the account got transferred. Then I started dumping money up front on the day I got paid. If I had to eat creatively because I was out of groceries before the next payday, I would. Always deposit, never withdraw – that was my mantra. How proud I was. For the first time in my life I have money in the bank.

It is there for car repairs and unforseen expenses. It is there to prove I can save. It is there to prove I have a good job and can budget wisely.

But today, I found out it is there for another reason.

After washing floors, doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming, I showered and headed out the door on a road trip. My plan was to end up in Longview because I had always wanted to visit the little shop called ‘Wow and Then’. I have followed it on FB and have had a few conversations with the very amiable owner Pam. I also wanted to visit ‘All Through the House and Red Barn Mercantile’ in Okotoks. Their photos of interesting finds on FB had also piqued my interest for a while.

I found a galvanized tin full of pansies and parsley in the one place and then an old bird house in the other place. I also found a back road that I had never been on and had a sunny, scenic drive back to Okotoks.

It is too soon to put the potted flowers outside, so I set them on an old wooden table inside the bird house in front of my big living room window. Perfection.

It is nice to know I have a savings account to buy something frivolous once in a while just because. Every time I snip the parsley to add to my meals or admire the pansies, I will remember my perfect afternoon.

As I write this an hour after returning home, it is pouring rain and thunder booms overhead. After an enjoyable afternoon excursion, I am tired and ready for a ‘feet up and a good read.’

And I have just the book, also picked up this afternoon at the little shop in Longview, called: “Backyard Biffies. History, Charm and Humorous Stories About Outhouses.”  It is a signed copy from the Canadian author, Ron Cunningham.

Without my savings account, I would not be educated on the history of the toilet. That would be a shame!


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