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A Merry Christmas?

Posted on: December 24, 2015

Not always. Christmases have highs and lows like all other events in our lives. Today I am speaking as a Christian who grew up with the magic and wonder of Christ’s birth celebration amidst the store santas and rampant commercialism.

Now as a senior, I am sad to see the evolution of christian celebration of the season. It is not that I want nativity scenes on every corner, but I want them to have equal importance to all cultural representations at this time of year. Instead, I am seeing it all disappear.

I am sad that people argue over whether to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Hanukkah” or ……  The joy of celebrating our beliefs, whether Christian, Jew or another faith, has been diluted to almost disappearance for all faiths in all public settings.

The weakness of democracy is that it tries so hard to stress freedoms that it actually takes away freedoms. I know that may not make sense, but think about it. If we all had the true freedom to celebrate our faiths, we would have menorahs on display, nativity scenes and other representations of religious faiths, side by side. Many people want it to be like that but political correctness takes it all away from everybody.

How sad and bleak and scary. Our children’s children are not learning about faith and given choices so they can decide what to believe. They will grow up believing in nothing but commercialism and consumerism.

In the winter of my life, I continue to celebrate the birth of Christ and feel the joy in my heart. My friends with other faiths join me in keeping their beliefs in their hearts, but each generation is losing a bit at a time. How bleak the world will be in the future with only the radical religions taking over by force. Sounds extreme? Maybe. Maybe not. If we do not stand our ground by standing by our faith, it will be easy for radical believers to control the masses.

I do wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Seasons Greetings to all. I wish Joy to every person this time of year. Kindness to others less fortunate is the reason for the season. Many suffer pain and loss and need to feel that mankind still has an element of caring for their fellow man. Most religions have the universal belief in loving each other. Is that not a good thing to continue teaching our children? I am grateful for my God and cannot imagine the long walk through this life without Him by my side.

It is Christmas Eve and gently snowing here in southern Alberta. I still feel the magic and the joy in my heart, after all these years.



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