IntrepidWoman's Journey

About Me . . .

I am IntrepidWoman – living my life in reverse. I raised 3 boys as a single parent and grew up with them. Because I married at the age of 20 and started having babies at 22, then divorced at 27, I did not get to ‘find’ myself in my 20s.
By the time my sons had left home, I was ready and eager to be 21, but was actually 44! Fifteen years later, I still have not caught up. I am trying to get as many experiences into my life as fast as I can. Career-wise I have been: a bank teller, orthodontic¬†assistant, real estate salesperson, worked with handicapped, art and social sciences teacher (longest career, all grades), cafe owner (chief cook, bottle washer, creator of ambiance and a comfort-food menu), consignment art gallery owner, interpreter/programmer at a provincial historic site, contractor for archiving artifacts at another historic site and currently education program specialist for a town’s art gallery, museum and performing arts centre.

I’m not finished yet. Future goals – artist and writer and maintain my eccentric reputation. I want to be another Janet Evanovich with a touch of Van Gogh’s style and Emily Carr’s uniqueness thrown in (without her love of cigars and pet monkeys). My grown and responsible sons probably have a different word to describe me than ‘eccentric’, but we each have our own journey. Jim says I am going from 16 to 12 lately.

Planning my life is not big on my list of things to do because I am not in control and do not want to be. A higher power guides me and shows me the way. When I pay attention, life is exciting, surprising, humbling and awesome. When I don’t pay attention and try to take control of the bike’s handlebars, life is a bumpy road and I get grease on my pant leg.

Like most people, I continue to be a work in progress.


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