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It was many years ago. As a solitary soul, I never have partied on New Year’s Eve, preferring to spend it quietly and introspectively. One year, when I lived in the Crowsnest Pass and was a teacher, after my sons had left home, I decided to rent a cabin at Radium and spend a few days with my computer, venturing out in the daytime to explore the towns and tucking in by the roaring fire in the evenings to read and journal.

This was before laptops, so I packed up all the components for my PC into the trunk of my car and away I went, planning to journal and do some soul soothing after a hectic year. Upon arriving, the owner asked if I was a writer, as he saw my trunk full of equipment. (I laugh as I look back at that. There was no access to the internet, but I did not care.) There were piles of snow everywhere and each cabin sat isolated from the others, tucked into the pine trees, with wood cut and stacked high on every front porch. It was heaven and is a wonderful memory that always makes me smile. I had books to read, a box of simple foods and felt like I had won the lottery.

The magic was complete on New Year’s Eve at midnight. The crispness of the winter night took my breath away as I stepped out onto the front porch at midnight. I could not see the neighbors, but could hear them on their little porches, banging pots and pans to bring in the new year. The sky was inky blue-black and clear, and the stars were putting on a light show that made my heart want to burst with joy.

It snowed all night. By the time I was ready to leave for home the next day, there were several feet of snow on both sides of the road. I drove out in a tunnel.

I have never forgotten that New Year’s experience, even though I am not exactly sure what year it happened, but I have often wanted to repeat it. This year I thought about going to Waterton, but I know that I cannot duplicate that magical experience.

Instead, I will stay in, maybe get a bottle of wine or Baileys or Grande Marnier (also known as ‘eyelash warmer’) and toast 2016 before turning off the phone and tucking into fuzzy fleece sheets for a sleep-in. I could even light the outside fire pit and wrap in a blanket on the patio to enjoy the star show. Or not. The joy is in being able to choose when the time comes.

May 2016 bring much love and kindness and good health into everyone’s lives. May we all be a little wiser and a whole lot more caring towards our fellow man. And may we laugh loudly and often!



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