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Jet lag is an evil thing. I have just woken up and have no idea what time or what day it is. I think it is Sunday and I know I am in Paris. It is pitch black outside and I remember we went to bed around 2 a.m. Why is there so much traffic and people on bikes and walking down below our apartment? What actually woke me up was the television turned on without anyone touching the remote. Weird. We tried to turn it on the first day, but nothing. Obviously it has its own agenda, as does the hot water or lack of. After a dusty day and walking miles to the Eiffel Tower and then back after midnight, a cold shower is lovely before bed. Seriously, it is.

Would I walk that far and stand in line that long a second time to go to the Eiffel Tower? No, but I am glad I did the first time. We went to the top and arrived as dusk settled in. We could see the entire city from all sides as we walked around, cameras madly flashing. It was jam-packed with people.

While waiting in long, long lines, we noticed illegal vendors selling little metal and glass towers and watched them get caught by police on bikes. They were escorted out of the area, likely to return within the hour. There were dozens of them everywhere.

But the best part of the trip was after we came down. It was dark by then and we walked a short distance then sat in a grassy park area with hundreds of others, looking up at the tower. People were singing, playing games, having picnics and thoroughly enjoying each other and the magic of the moment. The tower lights were on and on the hour they began to blink rapidly like a Christmas tree. This caused the crowds to cheer and loudly applaud. Men walked around selling beer and wine and we toasted the tower and our good fortune to be there at that moment.

Back to the beginning – we started the morning by walking down the street from our apartment and finding little shops of meat, fresh produce, cheese, pastries and breads. Thank goodness we shopped and ate well at 11 a.m. because we did not sit down and eat again until we returned from the tower after midnight. I will post photos of our tarts, especially for Lisa tomorrow.

I must try to go back to sleep if at all possible. We have another busy day ahead. On a side note – I received an email from weekend staff from my job, asking me how to do something. I guess he forgot I had left for France as he did not c.c. the email to anyone else. Oh well. I am here and my job is there and I do not care. (I really do, but I said that because it rhymes.) And yes, I know. It is a bit perverse to think I would actually check my work email at all!

I’m not sure now whether to say good night or good morning, but signing off until later,
~ Intrepid Woman


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